How to stay glue with your husband

Is it your heart desire to make your husband stay at home? These few points can help you to achieve that.

Take good care of your home physical outlook 

Make sure that everywhere in your home is clean. Clean your rooms and the surrounding of your house. Make it a point of duty that your house is clean.

Maintain your attractiveness and be inviting 

As good as it is good for wife to care take care of her home, it is also important for her to maintain her own attractiveness, she must be neat at all time, care of his body, hair and other parts of the body. There is no man that does not like an attractive woman.

Try to meet up with his sexual life desire 

Don’t allow your husband to ask for sex especially if you know that he likes sexually intercourse. Always prepare for him as he may also request for sex at any time. I can categorically say that 90 to 95 percent of men created by God love sex. Wives are encouraged not to play with sexual life of their husbands.

Dress naked and walk naked in his presence and do not resist him when he makes a move to touch you. You belongs to him and he belongs to you. If you are the type that does not really like sex or you don’t know how best to make love to you husband, ask him to teach you or buy books that specifically discuss about sex.

Talk about sex, ask how he wants it, ask if he is satisfied, let him romance you well and do the same, allow him you to kiss you, let him touch, play and suck your breast the way a nursing and caring mother satisfy her baby.

Prepare good and delicious food always

One of the things men cannot joke with is food. Every wife must have what it takes to prepare a good and delicious food for her husband. Learn varieties and not a type of food because no man likes to be eating a type of food at all times. There are T.V shows where you can view how to cook different kinds of food.

Dish his food at all times 

A wife should serve her husband food, not maid or children. When you choose to neglect to serve your husband’s food, it is a sign of ignorance or disrespect and when you choose to serve him, serve him honourably. Always learn to ask what he wants and when he tells you, do your best to meet his request.

Communicate regularly and effectively

Talk regularly, call him on phone when he is not around, ask if he is enjoying himself, tell him how much your care and love him.

Present him gifts 

Don’t think that your husband doesn’t need gift. Buy different gifts for him at different times, present gift(s) to him on specially occasions such as birthday, father’s day, valentine’s day, your marriage anniversary etc.

Do everything for your home not to be boring

If your husband is at home for hours, check on him. Speak with him, place something like chin-chin, fried chicken, fried fish, pepper soup and drink before him, make sure he enjoy himself.

Pray for him regularly and let him know that you are praying for him.

Praying for your husband means that you want the best for him. It shows that your are interested in his progress. Praying for him on a regularly speaks volume, even if he doesn’t talk about it, he appreciates your prayers.

Have interest in his projects

having interest in your husband’s project shows that are concern about his life’s progress – discuss this with him and contribute positively and immensely to his progress. Don’t just fold your hands and be watching.

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