Evidence of Oneness in Marriage

Every married couple should identify the offshoots of an intimate marriage. They should watch out for them, as soon as you see them departing from your marriage; you should know that drifting has started in your marriage. Don’t wait; do something about your marriage fast.

1. Closeness

When a man and his wife are close, it simply means they are bonded. They like or love each other passionately. They spend time together doing good things.

2. Easy Decision Making

Intimate couples find it easy to make decisions. They hardly disagree or they easily agree, because their minds beat as one. When you are fond of arguing with your spouse, it signals a lack of intimacy.

3. Friendliness

Intimate couples are not just husbands and wives; they are friends. They don’t just love each other, they like each other. They work as friends and operate with a high level of regard for each other.

4. Deep Love

They have a deep love for each other; they are still ‘crazily’ in love despite their years of marriage.

5. Romance

Intimate couples are known to be romantic; they enjoy a swell time together.

6. Vulnerability

Intimate couples are known to be vulnerable to each other. They have nothing to hide from each other; no-holds-bar, no darkroom. They love each other and are proud to show and say it.

7. Unity

Intimate couples are known to be united. This explains why they can speak with one voice on every issue.

8. Vision

They are known to have the same vision and strive to achieve it together despite whatever hurdle they have to cross.

9. Acceptance

They accept each other and hardly complain about each other. They’ve learned not to criticize each other but stand together as one.

10. Commitment

They are both committed to God, each other, their marriage, their marriage vows, godly parenting, their love and sex life. They serve each other and are ready to make sacrifices.

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