All you need to know about Million Money Smart Contract

In this post I want to present a mind blowing opportunity to us all

What is Million Money?
It’s a revolutionary unique DAPPS (Decentralized Applications) matrix system that is deployed to the Ethereum Blockchain network using smart contracts.
It can’t be deleted or changed. It’s impossible to hack it. It will always be there for as long as the blockchain itself exists. The code is open source, anyone can read and audit.
Wallet needed are ECR 20 ethereum wallet that has Decentralize app. Examples of such wallet are: Trust wallet and Metamask ethereum wallet.

It task is to redirect members transactions from wallet to wallet, according to the given marketing conditions.
It does not keep the funds of the participants on the site. It has the ability to repeat the profit cycle every 100

Built on Ethereum blockchain
✅ 100% Decentralized
✅ No Admin Involved
✅ No withdrawal request required ever
✅ Instant Member 2 Member Payment directly to your wallet Impossible to Hack.
✅ Impossible to Scam
✅ With only 0.03 ETH ($5) ONE TIME startup cost.

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Earnings from various levels are paid directly into your ethereum wallet.
This is not MMM and it is not PH/GH type of platform.
It is binary level earning system.
It is 100% open source smart contract system.


You need a total of 5 levels [62 donors], with every member signing up with only 0.03 ETH ($10) and bringing only 2 people.

Each registered person need to refer just 2 people at level-1 and you’ll move up the levels until you reach level 10 which completes the cycle giving you the 1665 ETH profit.


The 4 people recruited by your 2 people will donate to your level 2. Each will donate 0.05 ether to you and you will get a total of 0.2 ethereum. You will then use 0.1 ethereum to upgrade to level 3 and you will remain with 0.1 ethereum as profit.


The 8 people recruited by the 4 should donate to you 0.1 ethereum each that total is 0.8 ethereum. You will use 0.4 ethereum to upgrade to level 4 and you will keep 0.4 ethereum as profit.


The 16 people recruited by the 8 people will donate to you 0.4 ethereum each totaling to 6.4 ethereum. You will use 1 ethereum to upgrade to level 5 and you will keep 5.4 ethereum as profit.


32 people recruited by the 16 will contribute to you 1 ethereum each thats totalling to 32 ethereum. You will use 2.5 ethereum to donate to level 6 and you will keep 29.5 ethereum as profit.

With this level completed and reached:- you are okay to smile to the bank but the work still continues

And don’t forget that 1ETH is equals to $170+

Let me proceed while you catch up


The 2 people, who donated to your level 1, will again donate 2.5 ethereum each to you and you will get 5 ethereum.
You will then donate the 5 ether to level 7.

8 people recruited by your 4 donate 10 ethereum to you making a total of 80 ethereum. You use 20 for level 9 and keep 60 ethereum as profit.


16 people recruited by your 8 donate 20 ether each thus making 320 ether. You donate 40 ether to level 10 and keep 280 ethereum as profit.

Level 10

Get 40 ethereum from 32 people and keep all the money (1280 ethereum)

Total profit = 1665 ethereum

Get the joining link of the person who introduced you to this system
Each registered need to refer just 2 person people at level-1. Encourage each referral to also refer 2 people and everyone will move up the levels until you reach level 10 which completes the cycle giving you the 1665 ETH profit.
Remember: You need just 62 people under your line/network to achieve that sweet profit.
You must know the number of people who will pay you at each level and also the amount.
Both are different for each level.

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One good thing I love and why am recommending this is the ability to circle every 100 days,

After 100 days all the people that paid you in your previous 100 days will pay you again

Google is your friend, simply search for MILLION MONEY SMART CONTRACTS and you will see loads of positive reviews


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