Make money with Daypayz Telecom in Nigeria

Mark Zuckerberg is 35yrs old and has several online businesses like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Aliko Dangote is 62yrs old, he has a business empire and has been in business for over 41years. In 2012, Dangote was named the 43rd richest man in the world (Forbes) while Mark was 66th. In 2017, Mark became the 5th richest person, while Dangote dropped to 105th position. But in 2019, Mark became the 8th richest person, while Dangote became the 136th richest man in the world. Mark has achieved more globally in 7years than Dangote has done in 41years.

Why This is because Dangote started his business in the Industrial Age, which required physical strength to succeed. While Mark started his business in the Information Age, which requires intelligence.

✔Here’s the thing 👉 You need to embrace knowledge from the comfort of your room, you can leverage through your social media links and your smartphone to impact your life and your family positively. ✔Embrace and apply Innovation, Embrace telecoms business !!!


I am here to unveil an amazing online opportunity with telecommunications to you.

This VTU business is the same Telecom business that all the Nigerian banks are doing now.

If you still buy Airtime and data from your bank account using your phone, stop,✋ create your own VTU account with your unique username/ password and start getting paid when buying these products from the platform.

Now for every first-timer on this platform, you have been hearing about VTU but most of you don’t understand what VTU means

VTU is an electronic top-up solution that enables the operator to provide a prepaid mobile top-up of any value, anywhere at any time via online payment or through a retail distribution channel.

Has it ever crossed your mind to ask these questions? ♨


Why is my bank asking if I want to recharge my airtime anytime I use the ATM?

🔆 Why are the loan Apps now having ‘Airtime recharge’ features on their platforms?

🔆 Why does my bank shortcode now have everything I can’t do without, they tell me I can now recharge my phone, DStv and Gotv, even Startimes too?

🔆 Why is Jumia now into telecoms VTU?

The answer is obvious, VTU distribution is a serious business…💰💰💰💰

They earn on per second billings…🤑🤑


🎯We are about 200 million people in Nigeria

🎯But NCC says there are 250 Million Active Sim Cards In this country. I believe we all know why?

Nigerians have more than one SIM CARD

🎯Do you know that about 3 million Nigerians recharge their phones every hour?

🎯Do you know that we spend 14 Billion Naira every day just recharging our phones

🎯Do you also know that you and I, spend 446 Billion Naira recharging our phones in a month

-🎯Can you imagine that the inflow investment in our Telecoms industry in a year is 21.4 Trillion Naira?

🔥And we say there is no money in this country.

🔥NCC says Nigerians spend more money on TELECOMS then on HEALTH and Food

🔥-The Big Question we should be asking ourselves is

How much of this money comes back to you?


This is what attracts me to TELECOMMUNICATIONS. I was dazed when I saw this …

And to the glory of God, I have made over 500k now in just 2months and some days😁

On this note, I welcome you to DAYPAYZ TELECOMMUNICATIONS platform where you own your VTU and make money per second

The sign-up fee is the money you pay to own a VTU franchise with DAYPAYZ as you choose any package the company gives you back 10% Commission as start-up Capital and PV which accumulates to give massive cash rewards as you progress

Choose any of the packages to startup:

👉DAYPAYZITE – #2500 – 10pv

👉BUILDER- #5500 – 20pv

👉TEAM LEADER- #10500 – 40pv

👉MANAGER – #20500- 80pv

👉SENIOR MANAGER #50500- – 200pv

Note: you can start with small packages and upgrade as you grow in the business.

The first benefit of DAYPAYZ


make Unlimited calls like never before with friends and family on daypayz.

Community User Group (CUG) is a service on Daypayz to enhance business calls among members.

Only work on Glo sim

Both new and old sim can use for it just that d old sim must be debt-free before use.

After the sim have been activated by DAYPAYZ, you need to go and re-register this sim and you start to enjoy The CUG free call community

The first month is already paid for after registration.

Because The N500 attached to every package is set aside for CUG.

Subsequently, you pay N500 to talk unlimited for a whole month.

Other Benefits in Summary


This is how it works

👉You register with DAYPAYZ you get paid (10% of your registration fee)

👉When you recharge airtime you get paid (2%)

👉 You buy data you get paid (1%)e.g buy 1gb MTN @#400 and get back 1% of 400#. Meaning that 1gb is #396 on DAYPAYZ platform

👉 You refer people you get paid (18% of their registration fee)

👉 You subscribe to the cable TV you get paid (#30) depend on the package of cables

👉Your people subscribe cables you get #20

👉 Your people recharge airtime you get paid (0.5%) to 7th level

👉 Your people buy data you get paid (0.5%) to 5th

👉Your people refer people you get paid (2.5- 1% of their registration fee) 10th level deep

💥You are made a distributor and a dealer with all privileges to Mtn,

Glo, Airtel, 9mobile

💥As well as TV SUBSCRIPTION for DSTV, GOTV and STARTIME, Neco and Waec pin, bulk SMS


*AS your team growing (Your SYSTEM) you are accumulating point for awards like

100k monthly, 10,000GPV and you start to enjoy

leadership shares of 2% from the company’s monthly profits🤑🤑🤑

500k travelling fund, 40,000GPV

car worth 2.5m, 150,000GPV

house fund of 5m 600,000GPV

AND 👇🏻

GLOBAL profit sharing of 2% on every new member registration fee and 0.2% global profit-sharing from airtime, data, cables and all other transactions worldwide

Just to mention a few👆🤑🤑✅🤑🤑🤑


RAGP, TGR, MGR, and others are Telecom COMPANIES as DAYPAYZ is also Telecom Company

But check these

15 The uniqueness of DAYPAYZ telecom over other Telecom companies

1) DAYPAYZ operate 2 legs binary (all you need to build system here is just 2 people)

Others operate 3legs and must balance before ranking

2) In DAYPAYZ you earn Binary/matching bonus till infinity

Others, not binary system so, nothing like binary bonus

3) in DAYPAYZ You earn binary from spillover even if you don’t refer

Others: nothing like that

4) in DAYPAYZ Minimum to start our biz is just #2500 only(economical enough)

in others, the minimum is #5,000

5) in DAYPAYZ Lifetime 100k salary once you accumulate 10,000 group PV 😁😁😁🤑👌

In others nowhere to start to earn a certain amount

6) in DAYPAYZ we enjoy 2 free calls at a time Glo and 9mobile free calls as DAYPAYZ members

NO CUG IN others

7)in DAYPAYZ You can buy airtime with as low as possible in your portal

Not possible in other platforms

8) in DAYPAYZ No network failure or slow server on our platform

In others, they frequently have server issues

9) we are on google play store already (i.e our members enjoy their transactions through our APP)

Nothing like that so far in Others

11) We are the first Telecom affiliate company to introduce USSD code to do offline transactions( coming soon)

Nothing like that in other

for now

12) Cheap data in DAYPAYZ e.g. 1gb MTN is 400#

Other VTU MLM high price


14. Accumulate 600k GPV

and become DAYPAYZ shareholder earn 2% of worldwide new registration and 0.2% of existing member airtime transactions for Life🤑🤑🤑

15. Timely achievable Promo for all members

If you don’t refer you earn for life from your transactions. Imagine somebody is saving just #2 of your recharges since that year when you have started using a mobile phone…

But with DAYPAYZ you start to get 2% from every of your AIRTIME, 1% on Data, #30 on cables, etc

What do we, have to do, to earn, after registration with DAYPAYZ?


👉🏾 Use the platform for your personal recharges and bill payments and earn

👉🏾 Use the platform to recharge for others and pay bills for them and earn(optional)

👉🏾 Inform other people about Daypayz platform and encourage them to register via your referral link and earn for LIFE(optional)

Understanding the ordinary VTU platform to Networking or MLM VTU platforms.

In ordinary VTU platform you get discount only on your purchase only

but in DAYPAYZ you get discount on your purchase and also on your Team members purchase

In ordinary VTU platform

No binary bonus, in DAYPAYZ you earn binary bonus till infinity through TEAM points ( this is in millions)

In ordinary VTU platform no stable price it goes up and down slash data price or cable price only when there is a promo

In DAYPAYZ when the price is slashed it stable for long.

In ordinary VTU platform nothing like building system of users that earn you daily RESIDUAL income in the long run

In DAYPAYZ you continue to earn from transactions of anybody you tell about DAYPAYZ platform for life and that’s System.

* In ordinary VTU platform you are expected to continue to buy with your money

The Idea is, in DAYPAYZ

you are not expected to sell for life or to continue to buy with your hard earn money for life but You are expected to build grp of users and earn a bonus on them for every transaction for

life So, Subsequently you always enjoy bonus from them to buy all the product and with Time the income from DAYPAYZ will much that you equally withdraw to Bank to take care of other things


✅ *Option 1*instant activation✅

Type👇 on ya browser

Click the register button and

Ask your sponsor for referral id OR you click your sponsor referral link directly

. And ask from your sponsor placement to select. (right or left) Fill all required forms and submit them.

To activate your account, use the flutter wave payment gateway option, fill your ATM card details and submit, wait to receive a One Time Password (OTP) from your bank to complete the transaction.

You’ll be directed to your business office where you can carry out all transactions and start making your profit. Or you go to play store and download DAYPAYZ mobile APP for easy transactions

✅ Option 2👉Easier✅

Pick a registration package from the list👇

– daypayzite (#2,500)

– builder (#5,500

– team leader (#10,500)

– manger (#20,500)

– senior manager (#50,500)

Make payment regarding your interested package into the company’s account below:


Bank: Gtbank

Account Name: Daypayz Int’l Ltd.

Account number:


After payment, kindly send me the following information:

👉Amount paid

👉Name of the payer

👉Date and time you paid

👉The debit alert you received:


👉First Name:

👉Last Name:

👉Phone Number:

👉E-mail address:

👉Preferred username:

👉Sponsor phone no

Your registration will be completed after payment confirmation


Welcome on board to the telecom world

This is a bonus that makes DAYPAYZ Unique and stands out

Bonus 4👉 Matching Bonus Till infinity for all packages ( but the higher the package the higher the PV Rate to naira matching )


1 PV matching : is tied to the packages as follows:

#2500 Daypayzite package : 1PV = #10

#5500 Builder pak: 1PV = #15

#10500 Team Leader pak :1PV= #20

#20500 Manager pak : 1PV = #25

#50500 Senior Manager pak :1PV =#30

Meaning, if you accumulate

200 PV in your left leg and 200pv in your right, when matched, it gives Daypayzite member(pple wit #2500 package) #2000,

Builder (#5500 package) #3000,

Team leader r(#10500 package) #4000

Manage , (#20500 package) #5000

Senior Manager (#50500 package) #6000

(Note, You can always upgrade from one registration package to the other to match PV at a higher rate)


2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣


10# ×200pv= 2000# matching bonus


2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣


15# ×200pv= 3000# matching bonus


2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣


20# ×200pv= 4000# matching bonus

🧍‍♂️ #20500pkg

2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣


25# ×200pv= 5000# matching bonus


2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣


30# ×200pv= 6000# matching bonus


First, you’ll log in to your DayPayz account, Fund your wallet and start carrying out transactions for yourself and for others too if u like.




2. Ewallet:

Customized online accounts for each registered member.

3. Prospects:

Those you have talked to about the business or those you are talking to about the business.

4. Partners:

A fellow registered members.

5. Fund:

An online monetary value that can be used as you wish e.g transferred, do transactions, withdrawn, or pay for registration. It is somehow equivalent to money in the bank.

6. GPV:

Group Point Volume. This point rates the total number of people in your team and their levels. This qualifies you for the mouth-watering awards, Promo, and Binary bonus.

7. Support:

This is the customer care team. You can reach them through mailing or otherwise.

8. Presentation:

This is usually a training session organized either online or physically to get more people to register or educate registered members on the nitty-gritty of DAYPAYZ

9. Down line:

Partners registered under you directly or indirectly.

10. Up line:

The partner you registered under directly.

11. Referral commission :

This is the percentage that comes to you from the amount a new member registered with.

12. Registration Bonus:

This is the 10 percent you get for making a wise decision to join.

13. REFERRAL I.D is your login username


This is Point you get from people registered by your upline but system place it under your Team.

it counts with Your GPV




🎯 What is the name of the company?


🎯 What is the name of your CEO?


🎯 When was the company founded?


🎯What are your Products/Services?

✍(VTU for Airtime, Data, Cable TV Subscription and Electricity Bills Payments – PHCN)

🎯Do you have an office in Nigeria?

✍(Yes, in Enugu )

– DayPayz

HEAD OFFICE: NO. 22 Ogui Road, Enugu, Enugu State.

🎯Is the company registered with CAC?

✍(Yes, RC: 1550373)

🎯 Are you sure this company won’t fold up like others?

✍(Very sure because as long as we have human life we will always need these VTU products)

🎯How do I join your company?

✍(Get a Referral ID from who told you about the company and signup)

🎯 Must I refer before I start making money?

✍( NO, you can make money from your usage of the products and distributing VTU products to others)

🎯 Getting people is hard, how do I go about it?

✍(Not anymore in these days that we have social media platforms)

🎯 Why should I target leaders to join me?

✍(They influence people already)

🎯 You said referring people is very good, HOW, please?

✍(The mouth-watering COMPENSATION PLAN for referral and VTU bonus is for only those who refer others)

🎯 How many people am I expected to directly refer to?

✍(At least 2 people)

🎯 Can I refer more than 2 people directly?

✍( SURE you can register as many as you can)

🎯 Do spillovers help my downlines?

✍(Yes, when it comes to matching bonus in binary)

🎯How then can I help my downlines?

✍(You can choose to use their usernames to signup people)

🎯 Is the VTU for all networks?

✍( YES it is for MTN, GLO, AIRTEL & 9mobile)

🎯 How do I sell this VTU?

✍(From the DAYPAYZ Customized VTU E-Wallet)

🎯The monies in my E-Wallet, how do I get it as cash to spend?

✍(You can transfer to your bank every day, sell to other DAYPAYZ distributors who need E-Wallet funding OR sell as VTU)

🎯What about PVs, what are they used for?

✍(To qualify for monthly leadership bonuses and incentives)

🎯How do I accumulate PVs?

✍(Strictly from NEW Signups and Member’s VTU license UPGRADES)

🎯 What is the benefit of UPGRADING my VTU license?

✍(It helps you avoid losing referral commissions and bigger matching bonus, point values and VTU bonuses)

🎯What if I don’t wish to Upgrade my VTU license?

✍(You will lose all I just mentioned on the benefits of upgrading)

🎯 How do I Upgrade my VTU license?

✍(Simple, have the E-Wallet funds available in your DAYPAYZ back office and click the UPGRADE icon)

🎯If I do not make Leadership Bonus this month, what happens to my PVs?

✍(It rolls over to your Cumulative PV)

🎯Can I make a Leadership bonus every month?

✍( YES YOU CAN… Just be passionate about your biz)

🎯 Do I get PV and commissions for my indirect sign ups?

✍(YES you do)

🎯 How do I earn VTU bonuses?

✍{From the recharge of Airtime(0.5%) and Data(0.5%) of all your downlines from level 1-5}data

Level 1-8th) Airtime

🎯When I register with ₦2,500k/₦50,500k and am given ₦200/₦5000k as my registration bonus where will ₦2,300/₦45,500k go to?

✍(To set up your online Backoffice, pay your uplines,#500 for CUG and part to the company to sustain the company for you)


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