Ogitech Speaker Endorses Comrade Gordon as president. #NASTES DECIDES 2020

The Speker, Ogun State Institute Of Technology Igbesa, RT.Hon. Maliq Bankole has Endorses Comr Aremu Issac Aka Gordon to be the next president of there Department.
He made this Known during a communique he disperse to the entire Students this morning.


Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work.” –Seth Godin

As it generally known that the National Association Of Science And Technology Students (NASTES) is an independent association that is governed by her students.

I would outline my points in brief other than writing an epistle.

Although gender is not a problem when it comes to leadership but experience and strength should be considered in the process of selecting a qualified aspirant.

We all know how uneasy holding a portfolio can be as it is a selfless service and it needs strength , time, dedication and utmost commitment.

As a servant who is serving the students diligently in the capacity of the RT Hon Speaker of Our dear Ogun State Institute of Technology Igbesa. I had been immersed with varieties of experience in the course of servant hood as I always prefer to portray myself as a servant and not a leader. I am Also a stake holder of the aforementioned department and I wouldn’t turn a blind eye to my department especially at this period of time.

However, it is ideal for lecturers to have interest in aspiring candidate but it is uncalled for, for lecturers and management staff to interfere in the election or campaigning of the student, all because of their hidden agendas. As it was clearly stated at the meeting held with the rector and management staff of the institute on Tuesday 10th Of November 2020 that the MANAGEMENT SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM STUDENTS ELECTION

I would further emphasize that the management staff and lecturers of NASTES department should fold there arms and clearly stay away from the election as NASTES department is not excluded.

In conclusion , there is more to aspiring for an office other than the purchase of form and presenting manifesto with loads of grammatical words which I had outlined earlier on.

Can our triple A withstand pressure especially in a department where we have magnanimous number of students?

_Can our Triple A support her students and turn a blind to the management staff that supported her in if the need arises?

After so much observation, I discover that our triple A is a shy type.

Can our Triple A stand amidst the students to address them incase conflict erupt?

Do our Triple A have the experience to lead or she would have to act the script given to her by the management staff of NASTES supporting her?

If so then we should carefully rename our association to NASTEM
Which is an acronym of National association of Science and Technology for Management after her emergence because the association would be governed by the management staff of the association automatically if she emerge to utilize their hidden agendas.

We love the courage of our dear Triple A but she can’t bear the burden and pressure of over one thousand students.

I RT Hon Bankole Maliq, the Number one honorable representing NASTES constituency at union level attest and support
Comr Aremu Issac Aka Gordon💯.

He Is not just articulate and vibrant but possesses the strength and experience to serve the students of our noble association NASTES.

His love for selfless service is not just when he got to OGITECH, check his antecedent and you would discovered that he had been fighting for the course of students ever since his ND days.

You all saw how he stood gallantly during the recent peaceful demonstration without holding a portfolio but he was much more concern about the students welfarism and he was with the students all through the demonstration untill justice prevail.

He can do much more better if you support him by voting for him as the President of NASTES.

Gordon ni joooor✊✊

_Gordon ni jawe}✊✊

Viva Aluta…..we move

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