Endless pain: Agony continue for Agbara, lusada, Atan road users

Residents of Atan, lusada, Agbara have been in agony and pains over the years because of the abandoned road which had caused alots of damages to the residentials. For many years, the road had been in deteriorating state which remains in terrible condition. It get worse every rainy season.

At all time, people no longer enjoy the luxury of riding or driving on the road because it is full of stress which will lead to health implications.

Mr joseph Ajose, one of the community leaders said the agony we are facing are enormous which our major challenge is the bad road, which leads to the falling of containers, loss of lives, which is so disheartening. “He said, this road has led to the lost of his friends only son of the family which till now the injury is still there and they cannot forget Ogun State Government for their lack of commitment to the citizens”. He said adult, youth and children lost their lives daily over the bad road.

He further said, some years ago he was called at midnight to take a particular child to the hospital whose live was at risk, he said the journey was 5 minutes but due to the bad road they used 20 minutes to drive which is so difficult to save a soul.

He maintain that, it is not possible to rescue a life who is in state of emergency because of the bad road which will definitely lead to death. He said the money generated from this road is been used to develop Ogun State because about 70 percent of IJR is from this road and nothing is been done on the road.

He added that,” he has lost three cars on this bad road which has led him to start boarding bike or bus whenever he goes to work”.He Stated that, banks cant be situated in this residence for now because of the bad road. He urge Ogun State government to please yield to their out cry.

Blessing Nahum, a student of Ogun State Institute Of Technology Igbesa, said the road has clamied alots of students lives and indigenes as well which has resulted to tragedy to the family.
Blessing said, the road is not condusive for pregnant women and asthmatic patients because the road is full of dust and gallop which can affect them.
She maintained that, it is just so discomforting that no first user would like to travel on it for a second time.

Kayode Akinseyinwa , a motorcyclist in Agbara, lusada road, stated that their bike gets damaged every blessed day which is affecting their income. He maintained that, about Five pregnant women have died on the road due to the bad roads which the family remains in tragedy.

He said alots of this colleagues had died due to the situation of the road but for him being alive is by Gods grace.

Ahmed Adeosun a commuter of agbara , lusada, Atan, said, he has not seen any serious work of the Government and it having effect on people’s business.
He further said, “alots of people lost their lives in the cause of going out to work which they never knew they will return” .

He maintained that, the bridge at lusada is usseless, it is just an abandon

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