I commenced first semester in January 2020 and hoping to end it January 2021. – Silas Omoniyi (Fuoye Student)

Silas Omoniyi Oluwaseun, a student of Federal University Oye Ekiti, department of Mechanical Engineering lamented that how is he going to explain to his upcoming children that he commenced first semester in January 2020 and hoping it ends January 2021.

According to him, ‘nine month strike has kept me away, one cannot help but get frustrated at times and one has just had to be humane enough not to vent that frustrated feeling to others and daily activities”.

He said, “For the first seven months of the strike, I took up some online courses on drilling ab initio..then I stumbled upon an advert for fronted fundamentals (web designing) training and I followed it up as well.I finished some anyways.

He Maintained that he planned out different schedules focused on covering up the school’s syllabus. The drive was solid at first but waned with the hope of calling the strike off not in sight.
Then at the beginning of the past two months, my alma mater requested my assistance formally to help out in the school. I considered it as a way of service and giving back. So I took up the appointment at Brains’ Model College as maths and assistant further maths teacher. It’s been great being there once again. Reliving different memories.

Silas Admonished The Federal Government Of Nigeria that they should, turn a blind eye ,they should know that the Western World they copy values the education sector of their respective nations.

He added that, “if all the government wants to do is to copy the Western World by increasing tarrif and pump price and other areas ,they should also copy their attitude towards providing sound and quality education at every segment”.

He stated that, the Government should take responsibility for every sector and especially in the education sector, they should do more than giving empty promises and false hopes every 6 months. Imagine, if in my first year, I have suffered a 9-month strike, how many more strike actions are coming my way? Or how would I explain to my kids later on that I commenced first semester in January 2020 and finished it in January 2021?

He Further said, To prevent further strike action, they should take responsibility and provide lasting solutions to strike actions.

The regulated bodies like National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) and our able Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) are there to represent us. All delayed payments should be looked into amongst other listed terms

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