Obligatory fee still on my portal- Fresher’s and Staylite Laments

Obligatory fee had been what alots of the incoming Students (Fresher’s) and the staylite have been discussing about because the management has not given a favourable consideration about the fee.

Prior to the meeting that was held with the Departmental Heads, Sug Executives and the management which was led by the Rector, Engr Dr Mrs, Olufunke Akinkurolere on Tuesday 10 November 2020. The management promise that efforts will be put in place and further resolution as regards will be communicated.

According to a fresher, Bukola Eesuola” Are we still paying Obligatory fee? If no, it still on our Portal”.

Today makes it 18 days which the management promised to get back to the students concerning the fee. OGITITES ARE YOU STILL PAYING OBLIGATORY FEE?

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