Airport worker stabbed to death at Bunkers round-about, AIT road, Kola Alagbado, Lagos.

Airport worker stabbed to death.

By: Marvellous David.

“ Like a toothless dog devoid of vitality and energy to bite it prey”, airport worker was stabbed to death at Bunkers round-about , AIT road, Alagbado, Lagos.
After a close watch, it was seen that the dead man was neatly dressed to resume his place of work early; his normal routine every morning. He works at Muritala Mohammed Airport, Lagos State.

“It has been his normal routine every morning to go to work early, he often board a vehicle at Bunkers round about; shockingly, he was brutalized at that same Bunkers round-about” said by LAWMA workers – who are saddled in maintaining and cleaning of roads.

On this particular day, the man had set out at dawn to resume work early, he was found in a pool of blood, lying dead beside the road already stabbed by an Unknown culprit. The dead body was found placed beside the road which had swollen already.

Shockingly, the Unknown culprit had robbed him of something because his bag was wide open alongside a small bag having a food flask containing food which his 6-month pregnant wife had prepared for him.

Passers-by were at all corners of the earth wailing for the lost soul, all vehicles halted to catch a glimpse of the scene.

The Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps (LNSC) alongside Policemen, Lagos Command had mounted the scene, lifted the corpse into their vehicle and zoomed off.

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  1. See how my husband was taken away from me on this faithful day from untimely death. He told me he’s going to work not knowing that was the last time we are seeing. God will surely punish those guys that has hands in my husband death. I found myself where am not expecting

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