Battles against Spirit Husband and Wife

These are vicious sexual spirits which can molest and torment susceptible victims. The issue of Spiritual MARRIAGES is not understood by many, but, it’s real.. Sexual spirit that attack women are called incubus and those who violate men are called succubus.

The problem of spiritual marriage is one of the greatest problems which has pervaded all societies of the world. But, as you all know we are not here for teachings of stories. We are here for warfare, so we start the prayers now. The prayers in this particular section of warfare may look personal, but, still pray them they are  for your home

  1. Any witchcraft practiced under any water against my life receive immediate judgement of fire in the name of Jesus.
  2. Let every evil altar under any water upon which certain evils are done against me be roasted in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every priest ministering on any evil altar inside any water against me fall down and die in the name of Jesus.
  4. Any power under any river or sea remotely-controlling my life be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus.
  5. Let any monitoring mirror ever used against me under any water break to repairable peace in Jesus name.
  6. Every marine witchcraft that has introduced spirit husband/wife/child into my dream be roasted by fire.
  7. Every agent of marine witchcraft posing as my husband/wife/child in my dream be roasted by fire in Jesus name.
  8. Every agent of marine witchcraft physically attached to my marriage to frustrate it, fall down and perish now in Jesus name.
  9. Every agent of marine witchcraft assigned to attack my finances through dream-attacks fall down and perish in Jesus name.
  10. I pull down every stronghold of bewitchment, enchantment, jinx, divination, fashioned against me by marine witchcraft in Jesus name.
  11. Let the thunderbolt of God locate and destroy every marine witchcraft coven, where deliberations and decisions have ever been fashioned against me in Jesus name.
  12. Powers, sleeping with me in my dreams die violently in Jesus name.
  13. Blood of Jesus Christ barricade my life in Jesus name.
  14. Any water Spirit from my village, or the place of my birth practicing witchcraft against me and my family be amputated by the word of god in Jesus name.
  15. Let every spiritual weapon of wickedness fashion against me under any river or sea be roasted by the fire of God in Jesus name.
  16. Any power of marine witchcraft holding any of my blessing in bondage receive the fire of course God and release them in Jesus name.
  17. I loose my mind and soul from the bondage of marine witches in Jesus name.
  18. Any money witchcraft chain hindering my hands and feet from prospering be shatter to pieces in Jesus name.
  19. Every arrow shot into my life from under any water through witchcraft come out of me and go back to your sender in Jesus name.
  20. Any evil material transferred into my body through contact with any marine witchcraft agent be roasted by fire in Jesus name.
  21. Every sexual pollution of marine spirit husband/wife in my body be flushed out by the blood of Jesus
  22. Any evil name given to me under any water I reject and cancel it with the blood of Jesus.
  23. Every image constructed under any water to manipulate me be roasted by fire in Jesus name.
  24. Any evil done against me so far through marine witchcraft operation and manipulation be reversed by the blood of Jesus.
  25. Every spirit husband/wife die in Jesus name.

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