Hackers gain unauthorized access to man’s bank account over a CCTV camera purchased online.

Hackers gain unauthorized access to man’s bank account at Ijoko Lemode, Ifo L.GA, Ogun State.

By: Marvellous David 

“ Like a small boy in the ocean”, hackers dried up man’s bank account over a CCTV camera that was purchased online.

After a close interview with the victim, he affirmed that “ The hackers claimed to be ‘THESTEPFURTHER.COM’, that pretended to be online marketing merchants who sells CCTV cameras and other electrical parts whereas they are bunch of scammers.

“ I needed the 2 CCTV cameras for my client, and I saw this online and was price listed #27,000, they used sugar coated mouth, that they would offer me 3 CCTV cameras for #27,000”.

The victim rented in the air, that these so – called scammers will request for your card details, the moment you input these details, any money that enters into the account is gone, he disclosed how these hackers were tracking his bank account every night and day.

“No camera, no refund”, these were the words of the victim, he converse that these hackers went ahead to withdraw another sum of money worth #47,000 piling all to a sum total around #80,000. He therefore relayed that, he had only #25,000 out of the money that was dried up, the remaining was for the clients for the purchase or electrical parts.

In a quest to put an end to this, I blocked the bank account and reopened another one. He therefore appeal, urge, pleaded with every Nigerian citizens to be cautious of this hackers, scammers, hoodlums that has ravaged the country so as to be on a saver side and not to fall victim of any.

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