Ennyrites Orphanage Outreach at IJAMIDO CHILDREN’S HOME, Ota, Ogun State.

Ennyrites Orphanage Outreachat JAMIDO CHILDREN’S HOME, Ota, Ogun State

_By: Marvellous David ( Ennyrites reporter & Event writer)._

Ennyrite Extension conduct expedition to support the orphanage home and less privileged at IJAMIDO CHILDREN’S HOME, Ota, Ogun State .

Ennyrites is a creative writing brand which provides writing services to business and individual respectively ; coined from this brand is the Ennyrites Extension aimed at putting smile on the faces of orphans and less privileges, thereby giving them reasons to believe there is an hope for a brighter future”. Opined by Oyemade Eniola, CEO & Founder.

A visit to the orphanage home was a wonderful voyage as Ennyrites crews graced the outreach though it was her first time of embarking on this wondrous works. A lot of valuable items were piled up together to support the orphanage. The items are enlisted below;

• One carton of cornflakes
• Two cartons of noodles
• One carton of Kellogg’s Coco pops
• Half bag of rice
• One carton of biscuit.
• Half carton of Milo
• One carton of Hollandia evaporated milk
• One golden morn
• One carton of Good Mama detergent
• 10 spaghetti
• Half carton of tissue paper
• One Ludo game
• One pack of exercise books
• A jar of chocolates
• A jar of sweets
• 6 packs of crayons
• 6 packs of pencils
• One plastic of pens
• One carton of erasers
• One big pack of Pampers
• Clothes
• Shoes
• Bags.

Due to the second wave of the deadly virus Covid 19 pandemic that had ravaged the entire globe and has eaten deep into the cankerworm, the ‘Children’ at the orphanage home were restricted to meet with visitors as instructed by the Minister of Orphanage home, Abeokuta, Ogun state.



Succinctly, IJAMIDO CHILDREN’S HOME was founded in 1958 by Late. Chief (Mrs) Virginia Irene Willoughby. She journeyed to Nigeria at age 8 with her parent from South America. She had her primary school in Kano and secondary at Queens College, Lagos. When she finished schooling, she worked as a mid wife at Maternity home, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos. After some years, she got married to Mr John Willoughby, the Ota district council heard of her good works, they thereby called her attention to work with them, she became the first Matron at General hospital Oni-pan, Lagos State. After some years, she got the call of God to start taking care of less privileged, she was given a baby girl to nurture and that baby was the first child of ‘ IJAMIDO ‘. The founder died in 1995 and handed over to Late. Dr, Victoria Abosede Obakoya (Nee Willoughby) the first baby girl of IJAMIDO .

Thousands of children have been nurtured and taken proper care of at the orphanage home. Presently, the IJAMIDO CHILDREN’S HOME had 178 children & attend private schools.

“ Different children are allowed in the orphanage home ( Abandoned, Motherless, Fatherless, Bad parenting, Family support) Any child is not allowed into the orphanage home anyhow, they must posses or come with an Extract – containing all details of the child; the acting mother to the IJAMIDO CHILDREN’S HOME, Dr Victoria Abosede Obakoyi died 11th of November, 2020. Nevertheless, Mr Kukoyi, Medical care hospital stood in gap for the orphanage home after the deceased passed on”. Buttressed by the receptionist, Mrs Toke.

The Ennyrites Extension was issued a Letter of Appreciation from the orphanage home for her encalpsulated love, wondrous works and support towards the IJAMIDO CHILDREN HOME.

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