OGITECH: Student Union Government 2020/2021.

By: Marvellous David, Akinola Joshua

Aspirants vying for different offices emerge winners at the SUG Election.

The election was graced with guests of honors, important personalities, past and present executives, aspirants, alumni, predecessors, police division, security officers, SUECO Officials, Observers and students.

Welcome on board was the Special Adviser to Governor Dapo Abiodun alongside his Personal Assistant, Mr Versatile, Dean of Student Affairs, Mr Oluyemi Odutola, Comrade Adekunle Oreoluwa Olufunke the SUG President of Ogun State College Of health Technology, Ilese Ijebu, Superintendent of police, D.P.O Adeniji Abayomi of Igbesa Division, Former Pioneer Vice President of SUG OGITECH 2013/2014 session, Comrade Adele Abdullahi PKA Kitigbe.

#Convocation polling unit.

Police division led by Superintendent of police, D.P.O Adeniji Abayomi were at all corners of the earth to prevent violence and to ensure free fair election.
4 polling unit were installed, 2 at the Aerobic center and another 2 at the Convocation hall of the institute.
The former SUG President PKA Ennycipation was instructed to vote first followed by the past executives, aspirants, predecessors, and finally the students.

In a internal memorandum released by the school management that “ All ND1 and HND1 students are prohibited to come to school for voting, meanwhile the ND2 and HND2 are allowed to vote during the electoral process”

The total numbers of students who displayed their franchise were approximately 993 in figures.

Criteria used for voting was the school identity card and all student were instructed to properly tick the aspirants they vouch for within the confines of the box designed on the ballot paper meanwhile any ticking outside the box automatically becomes VOID.

Commotion erupts has students displayed an act of ‘ madness’ with a forceful attempt to enter into the polling unit at the Aerobic center nullifying the SUECO’s instructions.
The Computer science and Science Laboratory Technology students were the ring leaders causing commotion at the Aerobic center Polling unit.
The Registrar, Mrs Sakirat Olajumoke Johnson, Ogun State Institute of Technology was at the Aerobic center polling unit, she rose to her feet and addressed the students to be of good conduct and should stay on a straight line promising them a free fair election.
After the voting process, the SUECO Officials kicked off with the counting process.
Unveiling of the election result by the SUECO Chairman thus;
• President – Ayinde Saheed PKA Ceedorf 636 votes
Opponent – Ojerinde Gbolahan PKA Joe Afrikar 297
• Vice president – Hassan Taiwo 496 votes
Opponent – Onilude Ikeoluwa 446 votes
• Public relations executive – Sanyaolu Famous 583
Opponent – Olayinka 291 votes
• Treasurer – Babatope Ebenezer 567 votes
Opponent – Adeyemo Taofeek 366 votes
• Financial secretary – Ojelade Sarah 562 votes
Opponent – Rodemade Busayo 291 votes
• Assistant general secretary – Unopposed
• Welfare 1 – Usman Nurudeen 462 votes
Opponent Iwaeni Abosede 369 votes
• Social director – Unopposed
• Transport director -Unopposed
• General Secretary – Unopposed.

In a close interview with the Special Adviser to the Governor; Sir, what is your perception and view on today’s SUG Election, he opined that “ I have been monitoring and experiencing elections across campuses before being appointed as Special Adviser to the Governor, I derive joy in doing this, the reward for hard work is joy, so if anyone has worked hard or has successfully established himself as a popular interest in campus allow a free fair ground; What has happened today is a reflection as a result of everyone’s strength, it should be noted that those who didn’t win today should work harder and probably make themselves more popular on campus and as well come up with probably manifesto, so if your structure has good manifesto & goodwill to leverage on, all this will accumulate together to work harder”.
Sir, now we have newly elected candidates under the umbrella of the Student Union Government, what are those Principles, Policies, Ethics they should uphold?, The Special Adviser buttressed that “ The political interest of the students should be their major concern, they shouldn’t be carried away by unpopular interest, let them disclose their intentions and mandates and bear in mind that posterity is always there to judge their minds”.
According to Comrade Adekunle Oreoluwa Olufunke, SUG President of Ogun State College of Health Technology, Ilese Ijebu, she affirmed that “ the election went smoothly, accreditation were done, students from different departments were allowed to vote because it their right to vote on campus, her advise to those who lost the election is to work with those who won for the upliftment of the institution, she gave a list of what the newly candidates to uphold;
• They should not sell the student rights out the school management
• They have to work to the task
• They should allow Covid 19 compliances to be enforce at the school
• There are a lot of indecent dressings on campus, they should work towards it, the female students should be one of the best female student around the world
• They should shun cultism
• The SUG president should always remember there is always a tomorrow, he should live up to the expectation and task of the students so when he leaves they can count on him.

According to the Superintendent of Police, D.P.O Adeniji Abayomi, he conversed that “ the election started well and ended well though it is not without some lapses, thank God we are on top of the situation; By my own judgment, in an assessment of it was free fair election, the students really cooperated even though some along the line wanted to disrupt the whole thing, with the level of security strategy and architecture emplaced made it a free fair election”.
According to the Former Pioneer Vice president SUG OGITECH 2013/2014, Comrade Adele Abdullahi PKA Kitigbe, he said that “ the last time we had a free fair election was 2013/2014 session at the institute; “ Like Siamese twins”, today’s election is no doubt a successful free fair election”.

The newly elected executives were urged to assumed a key position at the governing body of the institution.

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