Influence of campus lifestyles on a child

One of major changes that occur in a child happens when he gain admission into an institution. This is because; going to school is seen as a declaration of liberty for him. The child now has the right to choose when to wake up, what to eat, what to drink, where to go to, who to make friends with, how to manage his time and resources. No wonder a lot of children get depressed after their valedictory service, because they seek admission repeatedly without any breakthrough. Even, the ones who are fortunate to gain admission on time do not help them at all, but add salts to their wound by their non- stop references to their experiences on campuses, whereby 70% of their story is fabricated.

The joy of the child has no limit immediately after he eventually gain admission, because he believes that he is now part of campus’s group his friends have being flaunting about, and he will be able to have the same experience like theirs. No more keeping silence when they are talking, no more imaginations about having their experiences, but experiencing the real thing.

Little did he know that one thing is to gain admission and another is to face the challenges and experiences of campus squarely without fumbling. He gets to know the reality of being an undergraduate.

Coming into the campus with all the values and advices his parents have bombarded him with, being the best student in his secondary school days, and all the things he has planned to do and become, disappears immediately he stepped his legs into the campus ground. Not that they will all disappears immediately, but little by little they will start to drop from his hands. He can be the boy who has decided to read 6hours a day or the girl who has promised not to go to night parties. The child can even decide to remain a virgin. But, campus standing as a temptation will start to test his plans. Not that, the child can not achieve all he has planned, but his plans have to pass through fire and get tested.

Being in campus is a different world entirely. Campus lifestyles have the right to influence you, because you are the one who asked to be admitted. Yes, you have right to education, but education and obtaining your degree do not come on a platter of gold. You have to work for it, make the necessary sacrifices, overcome all the milestones it brings, so that you can have a success story. And campus happen to be part, of course, you have to be in campus most of the time.

Not that this campus is the devil, but the people found in it are the root of the problem. Starting from the fellow undergraduates to the lecturers. You tend to see different people with different beliefs and background values which contradict yours.

Let start from their dressings, some do not see anything bad in dressing naked, while some that do not dress naked, do not like wearing the same clothes repeatedly and they are always in the latest dress in town not minding the amount, and you will be wondering where they get the money from. In your presence, your age mate is driving a car which belongs to him; even your father’s car can not compete.  Cybercrime, popularly known as Yahoo is now packaged in a way that you see as the right thing to do. 70% of the colleagues are into it, even ladies are not excluded. The worst of it is IPhones, comparing it with your not less than thirty thousands naira android phone, you are nobody. As a lady, your fellow ladies are displaying the latest shoes, clothes, bags and wigs that their boyfriend got for them, and you will start looking for a rich and handsome boyfriend, even if he is a Yahoo boy.

The lecturers are not left out; they will be shouting in class “no body can score A in my exam”. And before you know, you lose interest in trying and your best in my secondary school days values wave you goodbye. Some lectures will even sell scores for the course mate whom you know is as dull as anything, just because he can tip the lecturer well.

However, campus can influence a child positively and negatively; it is now left for the child to choose if he wants to be influenced positively or negatively. We have children whose plans passed through fire and still came out fulfilling them. Some decide to be the best in their department, and still came out being the best. Some even get more devoted in their religion than their parent because of this same campus. We have some who met their future partner not minding his poor state or her poor lifestyle then in campus and they are happily married and prosperous. Some children, guys inclusive still remain virgins after leaving campus.

We have a lot of children who successfully attain their degree and make their parent proud without getting influenced negatively by campus lifestyles. But ask them how they overcame; they will let you know that it was not an easy task. Some even fell victims of the negative part and stood to embrace the positive aspects of campus experiences.

You can also be part of those who successfully overcome the challenges and trials in campuses even in this contemporary world that we are. You just need to be determined to succeed, focus on your goals and strategize how you can achieve your aims. Even when you fall, pick yourself up. When you fail, do not be discouraged; start all over until you pass.

Watch the friends you keep, you don’t even need too much friends, one is enough and he or she must share the same dreams and aims with you. Be satisfied with what you have or what your parents give you. See the people on the negative part as movies you watch, do not be part of them, but learn from their mistakes.

Don’t forget, know the God you are serving, make Him your friend, tell him everything and never stop going His place of worship. You can be an agent of change to someone. You can become a role model and a great influence on someone. You can do it!


  1. You’re doing well dear! Keep it up, I believe in you and always remember to upload every single article here on social media. The journey just begin… Your ink will not dry and your pen will not stop dancing. The future ahead is getting clearer for you… wherever sun shine your voice will be aired!
    What an inspiring write up! I give it to you… Kudos!

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