Introducing Zuga coin to the world

ZUGACOIN, also known as ‘African Princess’ is the 1st African Cryptocurrency. It is a Digital money or Currency, Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

Inventor and CEO is Arch Bishop Samzuga, A native of Benue State, Nigeria. A selfless giver and a Humanitarian, He is an active Bishop and a prophet, based in Dubai.

ZUGACOIN was created last year Feb 2020 with the aim of alleviating poverty and uplifting the standard of all Africans. Blockchain technology is an inevitable system and free from government manipulations. The mission is to use this technology to uplift and alleviate Africans out of poverty.

ZUGACOIN was officially launched on 20th February 2021. A project like this can take up to 5 years to mature, but ZUGACOIN today’s current price and activities can be viewed on African Coinmarket Cap

ZUGACOIN CEO Sam Zuga Purchased an existing crypto trading Exchange, called Nellabox at value of $2million. Nellabox is a similar trading Platform like Luno Exchange, etc for now it basically operates for Crypto to Naira Conversion. U can use this Exchange to convert your ZUGACOIN and other well known crypto to Naira, directly to ur bank acct, or convert your naira to Crypto instantly.

Many well known individual both from government and private sector have been appointed to pilot this project. SamZuga decided to use ZUGACOIN as a way of empowering Africans by giving out Zuga Coins with just a minimum investment. 

for more information on how to get started and buy Zugacoin, please contact the number on the website or click

This is the beginning of Great things.

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