Living a successful campus life

Success is easy to achieve, only when you are determine to succeed. Campus lifestyles may come with a lot of challenges that can pull you down, only if you allowed it to. You are the author of your life, whatever you write for yourself, so you will be. No one can design your life for you, your Parents or Guidance’s can not design your life, neither can your friends do so.

You will be the one to choose whether you want to embark on the negative or positive part of campus life. I will advice you to choose the positive part, although it comes with a lot of trials and difficulties, but there is a lot of benefits attach to it only if you endure.

You can live a successful campus life if you have your determination intact. Yes, you need to be determined to succeed; this will be your focus even when a lot of distractions come. Before you resume as a fresher or a returning student, you must set down your aims and objectives. You don’t stop there, after you get to campus, you keep on rededicating your aims every time, if not everyday. You might be swayed by the distractions a little bit, but you don’t need to give up. Realize your mistake, the cause of it and restrategize your plans. Sometimes, some of your aims might not work out, or come out the way you want it to, but you need to keep on moving and reassure yourself that you tried.

You can also make use of your background as an instrument for success. Most especially poor backgrounds, it will make you think and aim high, except if you like to struggle and work tirelessly like your parents. Even if you are from a rich background, you can still aim high. Keep the family good name high and add to their success story.

Another thing you need to take note is the friend or friends you keep. An adage says “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. You don’t need too much friends, a friend in a million is enough. Your friend must share your dreams, aims, passion with you. He or she must be there to correct you when you are deviating from the right path. Your friend must not be the one that condemns you and see nothing good about your dreams. Your friend must not be an oppressor to you in terms of material things, but an oppressor in terms of academic excellence. Also, make your books your friend, understand your pattern of reading and assimilation and keep on practicing. Don’t wait till exams are fast approaching before you start to read. Remember,” Rome was not built in a day”. “The journey of a thousand mile begins with a step” you don’t prepare for a successful wedding two weeks or a week before the wedding. You must have started right from when you know what relationship means. So, don’t plan to excel in your exams a week to the exams. You are only deceiving yourself if you do so. Start burning the midnight candles immediately after you start lectures, so that you can have a success story. Students who became the overall best students do not have two heads; you can also be part of them. Aim high and work towards it.

In addition to the above, you need to take note is idleness. Do not be idle, because “an idle mind is the devil workshop”. Occupy your heart with something and it must be a good one. When you are less busy, instead of you roaming about or visiting people unnecessary, do something that will keep you busy, if you are tired of reading school works, read novels but be mindful of the ones you read, if you read romantic ones, trust me, you will soon join the negative lifestyle. Read motivational books, books that will inspire you and encourage you. If you can write, put up your words together, even if they don’t make sense, write them out, they will soon make sense. Listen to music, but not corrupt ones, watch movies but not the ones that will expose your mind to corrupt thinking, most especially, sexual thoughts. If you are in your first or second level, you don’t need to be in any romantic relationship, they will detract you from achieving your aims. Don’t copy others, be yourself.

Don’t forget to dress well. Even if you don’t have many clothes, make do with the ones you have. Dress well and neat and hold your self esteem well. See yourself as a successful person. Also, be satisfied with what you have. No matter how much you are oppressed by your colleagues, never let it get to you. Keep on imagining yourself one day having more than enough. When you have little tip, treat yourself nice once in a while. Don’t put ona sad face, that will make people to see what you are passing through, before you know it they will start poke nosing and begin to chip in some naughty advice’s which can get into you soon if you are not holding firm to your aims.

Instead of parties and club, attend seminars, talk show, departmental meetings and church or mosque programs depending on your religion. Make God your best friend, because campus is also a place you can have good relationship with your God.

No matter what the challenges you might face, keep on motivating yourself to overcome. Have a winning heart and do not see yourself as a failure. If you have fallen, take your stand again. The journey can never be smooth, so no matter how many times you fall, pick yourself up and rededicate your plans and aims. Even if you lose focus, discover yourself and get yourself back on track. Have a daily confession where you remind yourself about your plans. It is not difficult neither is it simple, but you can do it. You can become a success. Campus is not an excuse for you gamble your life to things that you will regrets later. Make it a place where your success story began. Make it a place of encounter. Make it a place of connections to greatness and make it a place for your success history.


  1. Just Whao! This is getting meaningful… It’s helpful. More ink to your pen, ride on ma’am…

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