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Positive impact of civilization over Nigerian Youths

by Modupeoluwa Ayangbenro

Wikipedia, defined civilization generally, as an advanced stage of an organization. That means it has laws, culture, a regular way of getting food and protecting the people. It has also be defined as a relatively high level of cultural and technological development.Civilization has brought about changes in our society, leading to positive impact most especially among our Youths. A lot of changes has occur in Nigeria, which includes, changing the old ways of doing things to new ones. Ever since we have embrace civilization, our cultural, social, political and economy have being renovated.

One of the positive impact civilization has brought are renovations and inventions. These two work together, because when something is renovated, there will be avenue for inventions. Our economic goods have been renovated; the branding and packaging have changed. We don’t use feather and ink to write again, we have biro. This also helps in the invention of biro casing and its ink plastic. No more grinding of pepper with stone, we now have blenders, even rechargeable blenders. Not only economically, but in other aspects such as the social aspect; renovation and invention of new design of wears, in terms of clothes, shoes, bags, jewelries, and so on. The cultural aspects; the renovation of our festivals into something more memorable and entertaining.

All these changes have occurred due to technology, and civilization is where technology is coined from.Technology has also brought about easy living. Life is easier and more comfortable because there a lot of machines that can help us do our jobs. Youths don’t have problem worrying about too many dirty clothes, there is washing machine. No more worries about eating cold food, there is microwave. You can now get to your destination as fast you want depending on the transportation, you want to choose, unlike before where we have bicycles, donkeys, horses, few cars as means of transportation. Youths now find it easy to iron their clothes neatly with the aid of electric iron instead of charcoal iron that add stains. The most common and effective gadget that technology has brought is telephones. We now have phones in varieties, depending on how much you can afford them.

Civilization has not only brought technology, but Internet too. The combination of technology and internet has greatly influenced the society to a great extent. One of the influences is communication; youths now find it easy to share their ideas to their friends easily. Communication has also helped youths in sending out messages, information, values, opinions, suggestions, assignments,proposals to their families, love ones, bosses, business partners, lecturers, directors and others, both in and out of the country. There is no limitation when it comes to communication in this civilized society, except if you don’t want to get connected. Youths make use of phones, laptops, palm tops to carry out their day to day activities. You can scheduled your day, how you want to spend it, the time range for each tasks, what you want to achieve, what you want to remember, with your phone by setting up alarms which serve as a reminder. Also, your locations or how to locate where you are going to, can be secure, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Communication is not limited to all these alone, it also make youths to be aware of what is going on in the society. They get all the gist they want about health, education, entertainment industry, political activities, economic development, new discoveries, scientific facts, the climate changes, sports updates, marital life, human interest stories, news about animals and many more, both home and abroad. This will make them know little about virtually everything in the society and also help them to view things in their own perception. Civilization has also make youths to express themselves, unlike before where their voices can’t be heard. Through the internet, the youths also create awareness for their opinions about current events or happenings in the society. Communication has broken the barrier between the people and the governments.

Civilization has opened doors for more jobs opportunities and self employments for the youths. A lot of jobs have been created for the youths. Due to civilization, a lot of youths have been gainfully employed because of inventions and renovations. We have some youth who have embrace a lot of opportunities because they displayed their talents or skills online. Youths can now acquire skills, get to learn a trade or more and be self employed. Youths doesn’t need to have a large capital before starting a business, youths doesn’t need to get outlets before they can sell their goods. Civilization, through internet has made it easily for youths to advertise and sell their products. You can get orders from your customers, in fact some goods do not require you to see your customers, so, you can sell and deliver your goods without meeting physically, which has never happened in the olden days.

Another thing these two gifts of civilization have brought is entertainment. Internet is another world on its own, immediately you on your data, there is a lot of entertainments to catch on. From the musical performance, to the comedy skits, to funny jokes, to games, to old school days, to you being reminded of your childhoods behaviors. There is a lot of fun out there in the world of internet, you just need your android phone and data for you to get connected.That is why, youths are less concern about televisions and home videos now a days because they can get all the entertainment they want on the internet.

Improvement in the health aspect is also part of civilization. Youths are more enlightened health-wise about illnesses and their causes. Illnesses like cholera, bacteria, malaria and many more, are explained to them on how they can contact them and how to prevent themselves from getting them. Not only that, the youths are educated on who to marry based on their health. Due to civilization, they get to know their genotypes which help to reduce the birth of sickle cells children in the society. There are a lot of people who have died untimely due to unknown health issues but now, youths are aware of the kind of illness they are battling with and how they can cure themselves.

Due to civilization, the cultural practices of each tribe have been transform and recorded for the next generation. Youths have been able to understand the cultural practices of their tribes better, their mode of greetings, their mode of dressing, their values, norms, customs, laws, morals and beliefs have been presented and communicated to them through films and musical performances. This can only be possible because of civilization. Even youths who are outside the country learn to know more about culture where they are.

Civilization has also brought about education; youths are getting well educated in their field of study because of civilization. Youths can acquire more knowledge by getting trained in schools and institutions, and all the materials needed for their training are being provided for them online. Youths are now trained on how to speak fluently and write correctly in their languages. English language which is the official language in Nigeria is being communicated to youths in their various level of education. Therefore, civilization has helped in reducing illiteracy among the youths.

Civilization has impacted into the society positively in many ways, like in the way we do things, in our dressing, how we communicate and express ourselves, how we associate with each other, how we dance, how we work and many more. Civilization is like a light that shines through our paths and takes us out of the dark world we were living before. Youths are more civilized and enlightened; they are now culturally, socially, politically, academically and economically sound.Technology; Internet; Education; Communication; health; Entertainment; Job opportunities;  Renovations and Inventions

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