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Negative Impact of Civilization on Nigerian Youths

by Modupeoluwa Ayangbenro

It is not news any more that we are now in an advanced world, some even call it the computer age. This is because, you can do anything you want or get anything you need faster and easier.Civilization has made everything to change, it has brought lot renovations and inventions that are making us to live better.

However, as good as this civilization is, it has impacted wrongly to our society especially the youths in Nigeria. The society has lost its morals and ethics, which has led to social disorderliness. The youths, who comport themselves and remain calm in the old era, are now loose and disorganized in this new era. The youths, who always consider the society before making decisions in order to get their approvals, are now less concern on what the society we do to them because of civilization.

Cybercrime is one of the negative impact civilization has brought to our society. This is very rampant among the youths, both the working class and the undergraduate, even secondary school students are not left out. Yahoo, which is the most popular type of cybercrimes, is seen among some of the youths as a legal and normal work to do. As far as you have a laptop or an android phone and data, you can work as yahoo personnel, and all these gadgets are made as a result of civilization. Gone are the days where youths are inspiring to get white collar jobs, because of the prestige that comes with it. But now, they don’t care, since they can get more money through yahoo without stress and withoutworking under anyone. They get money by defrauding people, hacking into people bank accounts, extorting from the foreigners which has stopped them from doing businesses that will have improve our economy.

Laziness is another negative impact civilization has on the youths in the society. Since, they can get things done at ease, they have now become lazy. They want to wash clothes, there is washing machine. They want to cook, there is gas cooker. They want to use water, there is a borehole, they want to sleep comfortably, and there is fan or air condition. They want tobuy foodstuffs, beverages and toiletries, they can order them and they will be deliver to them at their doorposts. Not that, all these are not good, but some of them have now make us of this opportunity, to become lazy. If these things are not available, they find it so difficult to do their chores which will lead to procrastination.

Some youths have now become addicted to some certain things, as a result of civilization. Civilization has brought internet, some youths have now become addicted to it, in the sense that, 70% of their time are use on nothing, than to surf the internet. Some wake up in the morning, and the next thing is to browse on the internet. If they are doing meaningful things on it, it will have been better, but they just dwell in getting gist about the latest things. Theyhave turn themselves to monitoring spirits, monitoring the lifestyle of people, especially celebrities.Some youths get so much addicted to games, which has led to low performances academically and making irrelevant things their priorities.

Immorality is not left out of the negative impact civilization has brought. Morals have lost its goal among the youths, there is no more fear about whatthe society will say to them. They behave anyhow they like because they are now civilized. Sexual immorality is the order of the day among the youths; it is so rampant among them unlike before. The cases of masturbation, homosexuality, bisexuality, rape, and so on, are so much reported among the youths which were not like this before. The youths do not see anything bad in them, because they watch them in movies such as blue films, they pop up on the internet while they are browsing, and they read them in novels, and so on. Some youths now lack self control over their sexual drives all because they are living in a civilized society.

There are more thugs than ever before, just because we are living in a civilized society. Our so called future leaders are not touts and hooligans, disturbing the peace of the society, where they suppose to change to better. Arm robbery has now become a major job to do, gone are the days where people sleep outside or leave their goods and money outside without getting stolen. If you try it in this present world, you are in trouble. All in the name of getting exotic cars, modern castles, mansions, even private jets that civilization has brought, some youths are now arm robbers, assassinators, kidnappers, ritualists, and so on. Police stations are now getting busy with unpalatable cases everyday, where majority of these cases involve the youths.

Our cultural standards have lost its goal in this civilized society. The mode of dressing, the way we greet elders, our belief systems, customs, traditions, values have lost it priority in this advanced age. The youths are now appraising the culture of other country, because they see theirs as archaic and outdated. Even the religion settings are not left out. Some youths now view these cultures to be boring; some don’t like speaking in their native languages because it will make them look local. They now greet their elders in the latest slangs, no more respect for elders.

Indecent dressing is inclusive. Youths now dress irresponsibly because they are civilized. Sagging of trousers, wearing of long chains, dressing to expose their bodies, dressing crazily is very common among the youths. The decent and responsible way of dressing has been replaced with rags all in the name of civilization.

Although, civilization can’t be condemned completely because there are advantages in it, but its disadvantages outnumber its advantages. Its negative impacts are now turning the society into something else. The normal mentality of the society is now abnormal. Civilization is to blame because the light its shred on the Dark Age has polluted our youths in some negative ways.

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