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We don’t have a Governor in Ogun State – Citizen laments

by Emmanuel Afolabi

The Outpour of rain this season has caused alots of rigorous damages to the lives and properties of the citizens of Ogun State which has led to the outcry of the citizens and lots of the citizens have cried out to pour out their minds that we don’t have a Governor In Ogun State.

It is no longer a news to the residents of Agbado, Ijoko, Oke Aro, Opeilu, Matogun, Atan, that whenever a drop of water falls, fair, anxiety, problems, worries would have overwhelmed the residence.

Within a twinkle of an eye, the roads in this axis had turn into swimming pool, ready to allow swimmers troop in. It is very glaring that car owners no longer goes out with their cars, they prefer going out through public vehicle which has also caused inflation to transportation in the environment.

Dwellers who are lanquishing in poverty, difficult living conditions mourned on how heavy outpour of rain had caused alots of damages, like roof shaking.

This bad roads has caused alots of citizens to leave their comfort houses to another area, even friends and Family can’t even come for vacation due to the bad roads

The residents of Agbado, Opeilu, Ijoko, cries out to the Executive Governor of the state, Prince Dr Dapo Abiodun to come to their rescue.

The problem of bad roads in the state has become an embarrassing stigma. In many parts of this state, normal interaction has been frustrated by bad roads. Vehicle owners are in distress as their vehicles are not used optimally. Moreover, the very many potholes and detours mean that vehicles keep breaking down so that on many of Ogun State roads emergency mechanics have sprung up to assist stranded commuters sometimes with disastrous consequences.

Residents of Agbado, Ijoko, Oke Aro, Opeilu, Matogun, Atan, and lots more have been in agony and pains over the years because of the abandoned road which had caused alots of damages to the residentials. For many years, the road had been in deteriorating state which remains in terrible condition. It get worse every rainy season.

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