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Baptist pastor shares how he overcame challenges of life

by Emmanuel Afolabi

Revd Israel Olusegun Ayuba, church pastor Praise Baptist Church, sango ota Ogun State shared how he overcame challenges of life.

I gave my life to Christ on the 28th of August 1993 during a BSF program at then Dopemu Baptist Church Lagos around 5:30pm. The teaching that changed my life was taken from Hebrews 11:1, delivered by then Bro Sam Ajibade now Rev’d.

Prior to my salvation experience, I was struggling with 3 major sins: Anger, Lies and Lust. After my conversion experience, I was able through the help of the Holy spirit to overcome 2 of them except this four letter word called Lust.

I said to myself, this too shall pass. I was dealing with it alone, I was so ashamed to say this to anyone in the fellowship. I was threatened by Satan that if I say it out, it will be an indelible scar on my personality as the president of the fellowship. I didn’t know that the power of sin lies in secrecy. I was oblivious of the fact that sin thrives more in secrecy. I lust after every sister I saw. I was managing it and also vowed never to touch any sister physically, which the Lord help me to stand by. I knew it was a sin, so each time I perform the act, I normally weep and sob like a baby.

This heinous act continues until I started sensing the call of God upon my life. I practically disqualified myself from going into the seminary, I said this can’t be the voice of God or God must have made an error, maybe there’s another Segun Ayuba somewhere. It must be a mistake of identity. All because of my hidden sins.

To be honest the more I prayed and wept before God to help me the more it continues for 10years. This time around it has grown to the next level called masturbation, infact I was an addict even after marriage. I said to myself maybe God was waiting for me to get married before he answers my prayer on this hidden sin of lust and masturbation. Marriage doesn’t cure Lust, God does.

I was still keeping it and fighting it all by myself. I travelled to revival program in and outside Lagos. People say words like : ” since you prayed for me I got delivered from lust and masturbation, “Your message has changed my life”. I said to myself this life is not fair to me, the sins am struggling with are the same God is using me to deliver people from. At some point I felt I should quit the ministry. Guilt and fear was all over me, I became restless in my spirit, soul and body saying how can I be carrying the holy bible with an unholy hands .


  1. I had to open up to my wife all my hidden stuff. She said why didn’t I open up since, I said I thought marriage will help me overcome it naturally. Marriage doesn’t cure lust, God does.
  2. I decided to prayerfully looked for a spiritual father who I can talk to. I poured my life to him, my discipler. That very point, I had a sigh of relief.
  3. I got so busy with my bible and the ministry of the word.
  4. I stopped counseling the opposite sex behind closed doors.
  5. I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a strange woman. Job 31:1
  6. I walk by the spirit so that I will not fulfill the desires of the flesh.


  1. I lost control of my destiny/purpose. No man can control his destiny if he can’t control his sexual appetite.
  2. The best way to overcome sin is to uncover it.
  3. He that covers his sin shall not prosper but he who confesses and forsakes it shall obtain mercy. Proverb 28:13

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