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21-Storey Collapse: ‘RCCG Pastor, 22 others buried in rubble’

by Emmanuel Afolabi

Mr Omotosho Shola Emmanuel, a concerned resident and friend of a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Ola Ogunfuwa has raised the alarm that the pastor and 22 of his workers are currently yet to be accounted for as they were asking victims trapped in the Ikoyi collapsed 21 storey building, on Monday.

According to Emmanuel, who visited the site of the collapse, explained that Ogunfuwa, who is in charge of the Living Water Parish in Ibafo, Ogun State, was working as a contractor at the site as at the time of the incident and has not been found nor identified among those rescued or brought out dead.

The missing pastor it was gathered was acting as an engineer working along with 22 other artisans, comprising bricklayers and welders, from Ibafo to work in the building.

According to Emmanuel: “I am here this morning because one of my pastor friends is working here, he is an engineer, he came with about 22 people all the way from Ibafo (Ogun State) to work here; labourers, bricklayers, welders, about 22 different guys that came together with him to work on the project.

“Till now, out of those that have been rescued, we’ve not seen any of those 22 and he himself is still there because we learnt that yesterday (Monday), at break time, he came out to eat but as he was about washing his hands to eat, he was summoned by one of his bosses and he went back inside but about five to 10 minutes later, the building collapsed and he was trapped.

“He is still there now and we pray that God will have his way upon those still there.

“As a church, we prayed all through yesterday night and we’re still believing that there is nothing God cannot do because we know that people are still many there, they said they are over 50.

“The ones they’ve rescued are not up to 10, definitely we are still expecting more people to be rescued. We only pray to God bring more survivors out.”

Meanwhile, full manifest of victims were yet to be released as the state government set to release names of survivors soon.

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