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by Emmanuel Afolabi

OGITECHDECIDES: DAMMY GEE supporters plans another protest today.

After the announcement of the Student Union Government Election held at Ogun State Institute Of Technology today, one of the aspirant popularly known as DAMMY GEE lost the presidential election to AKOGUN and I’mmediately it was announced Dammy Gee congratulated him on his WhatsApp status saying congrats Akogun.

After the declaration of Akogun as the winner, one of the supporters of Dammy Gee raised it up on the WhatsApp platform created for Dammy Gee named student agenda, that he see no reason why Dammy Gee lost the election.

Then one of them on the platform also said, the Election was rigged and with this they will all meet at the school gate for a protest by 7am.

Sharemeans correspondent affirm from some students during the manifesto that Dammy Gee will only waste his money and they will collect and still yet he won’t be voted for

The entire students are worried now with the propose protest that want to take place not to disrupt the school calendar again

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