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Seven things partners should avoid in relationship

by Emmanuel Afolabi

All relationships pass through difficult times but it takes work, commitment and willingness to adapt with your partner to have a long-lasting and successful relationship that keeps it going.

Every relationship is unique and people come together for many different reasons best known to them.
Part of what defines a healthy relationship is sharing a common goal and having your partners’ best interests at heart.
Being aware of things to avoid in a relationship can help you have a long-lasting relationship.
Here are seven things partners should avoid in a relationship:

· Avoid making your partner feel less important.

It is important to always reassure your partner and showing more love and concern. When you feel loved, it makes you feel valued and prioritised by your partner. Most relationship meets rock bottom due to of lack of affection and attention by a spouse. Ladies generally love getting attention and admiration when they are being heard. It is important to always assure your partner they are being held highly.

· Avoid using abusive words during arguments

Arguments are inevitable in a relationship. It is only natural for two people having different personalities and interpretations of things to disagree. Abusive words should be avoided at all costs because an altered word can’t be taken back. It’s best to avoid arguments that lead to exchange of abusive words. It is okay to inform your partner about what troubles you but not to the point of exchanging abusive words and raising voices.

Nobody likes being compared negatively with others. Comparison can only reduce a person’s self-esteem, confidence and zeal. Nobody likes being compared and no two persons are created the same way. It is only acceptable to admire a person. Couples should avoid comparing their affairs at all costs to someone else’s affair. It would only resort to being uncontented with what you have and selfish.

· Lack of communication

Good communication is a key part of any relationship. When both people know what they want from the relationship and feel comfortable expressing their needs, fears, and desires, it can increase trust and strengthen the bond between you. It is important for your spouse to understand and listen to what you have to say.

· Avoid unnecessary jealousy

Trust is a key factor in any relationship, so have faith in your partner and respect them when they need some privacy. Your insecurity can cause you more harm if you keep doubting your partner’s intentions. Talking about it is a better way rather than snooping around to find out hidden proof like checking mails, wallets, cell phones and stalking on social media.

You’ll only end up misinterpreting things and hurting yourself. Asking your partner about your doubts and confusion is better than carrying out personal investigations that can only fuel your rage which sometimes yields false results.

· Holding on to grudges

Holding on to grudges might not only hurt a relationship but it will also cause unwanted stress and anxiety for both. Talking about issues and misunderstandings is a better way of clearing confusion. If you keep things unsaid and bottle up your feelings, things may blow out of proportion, and then it might be too late to save the relationship. Also try not to keep in mind small detail of arguments you had, as it will directly relate to unnecessary tension. It may be hard but it is advisable to move on and forget about past disagreements.

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