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Invest and Earn massively with Usbminers

by Kayode Adewuyi

USBminers is a Tron (Trx) miner project based on the Tron Blockchain, Each time u surf the YouTube, you shall be entertained by this USBminers Ads. It’s real Time mining, we are Earning from the mining daily, each deposit contract has 15days mining circle, daily withdrawal includes your capital and profit.

Understanding The Usbminers 15day Deposit Circle

1) Each deposit can only be mined for 15 days and will be cleared after 15 days from the deposit balance.

2) Your daily profit includes your deposit.

E.g:- the 15-day total profit is 114%, if you deposited 100trx, 100% is your investment, and 14% is your net profit, total 114trx.

3) It takes 15days to end mining and clear the deposit for your withdrawal.

4) Depending on the date of the deposit, the clearing time for each deposit is 15 days

5) You can only withdraw once a day, and the daily withdrawal time is after 24:00 Singapore time.

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More About USBminers:

USBminers is a professional USB miner manufacturer from Shenzhen, China.

Providing high performance USB miners to users through our miner farms.


USB Miners Online Mining.

We have 100,000 USB miners mining farms, providing USB miners online mining service, so that everyone can easily earn crypto assets online.

🌐Website: https://usbminers.com


Amazing Tron Mining Platform From Singapore That Pays Up To 7.6% DAILY in tron-trx


✅Deposit and Withdrawal is in TRON

✅Daily Profit is 7.6% upwards

✅Mining duration is 15days

✅Withdrawals are done every 24hrs in Singapore time zone.

✅ Withdrawals are INSTANT

✅ Compounding is ALLOWED



💰Deposit 10 – 999 TRX

– Mining time 15 days

– Daily withdrawal 7.6%

– Total profit 114%


💰Deposit 1,000 – 9,999 TRX

– Mining time 15 days

– Daily withdrawal 8%

– Total profit 120%


💰Deposit More than 10,000 TRX

– Mining time 15 days

– Daily withdrawal 8.7%

– Total profit 130.5%


  1. How long after the deposit can you withdraw the mining profit?

Withdraw the previous day’s profit after 24:00 Singapore time every day.

  1. How long does it take to mine each time?

Each deposit can be mined for 15 days and withdrawn for 15 days, after the withdrawal is over, the balance will be cleared.

  1. How long does it take for withdrawals to arrive?

Usually 1-3 minutes, if it takes a long time to arrive, please contact support.

  1. Why are we trustworthy?

All our payment records are open and transparent and can be checked on the TRON blockchain, plus you can also access the group to see proof of other people’s withdrawals.

  1. How do I refer to others?

Go to our website, click [Account], click [Referral], get the referral URL and send it to others.

  1. How is the referral commission calculated?

When someone registers through your referral link and makes a deposit to mine, you will get a commission for mining profit every day for 15 days.


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